The Route

All of the stages are available for download in various formats, in order that cyclists who want to try out the routes for themselves can do so, by uploading them onto their GPS devices.

Please note that the routes have been designed to be ridden on closed roads and therefore, some routes may take you the wrong way down one-way-streets. BEWARE!

Tour de France 2011

Stage 1 – Passage du Gois to the Mont des Alouettes .gpx .tcx .kml
Stage 2 – Les Essarts to Les Essarts .gpx .tcx .kml
Stage 3 – Olonne-sur-Mer to Redon .gpx .tcx .kml
Stage 4 – Lorient to Mûr-de-Bretagne .gpx .tcx .kml
Stage 5 – Carhaix to Cap Fréhel .gpx .tcx .kml
Stage 6 – Dinan to Lisieux .gpx .tcx .kml
Stage 7 – Le Mans to Châteauroux .gpx .tcx .kml
Stage 8 – Aigurande to Super-Besse Sancy .gpx .tcx .kml
Stage 9 – Issoire to Saint-Flour .gpx .tcx .kml
Rest Day #1
Stage 10 – Aurillac to Carmaux .gpx .tcx .kml
Stage 11 –  Blaye-les-Mines to Lavaur .gpx .tcx .kml
Stage 12 –  Cugnaux to Luz-Ardiden .gpx .tcx .kml
Stage 13 –  Pau to Lourdes .gpx .tcx .kml
Stage 14 –  Saint-Gaudens to Plateau de Beille .gpx .tcx .kml
Stage 15 – Limoux to Montpellier .gpx .tcx .kml
Rest Day #2
Stage 16 –  Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux to Gap .gpx .tcx .kml
Stage 17 –  Gap to Pinerolo .gpx .tcx .kml
Stage 18 –  Pinerolo to Galibier Serre-Chevalier .gpx .tcx .kml
Stage 19 – Modane to Alpe-d’Huez .gpx .tcx .kml
Stage 20 – Grenoble to Grenoble .gpx .tcx .kml
Stage 21 – Créteil to Paris Champs-Élysées .gpx .tcx .kml

28 thoughts on “The Route

  1. hi. thanks for this! i notice some kml files still say “possibly”. have you included any updates you know about at this point? or is there more to come? you rock!

    • Allan, Thanks for the comment.
      Some files and some pages do mention the word “possibly”. I’m a bit loathed to rename them as it would break the link for people who have already bookmarked them.
      I’m actually going through them at the moment, one by one. If, on the actual post, the gradient and map images are the official TDF ones, that means I’ve updated them. That’s not to say that the start or finish will be correct though as it’s very difficult to obtain this info, even at this stage. Having said that, the routes I’ve checked so far (Stages 1-8) have been quite accurate, which I’m quite pleased about.
      Hope this helps.

  2. thanks so much for this! I’ve been searching everywhere for this, but I was doing a search for “google earth” and “tour de france 2011″… and finally searched for the tour and “kml” and “dowload.”

    I remember my very first experience using Google Earth was via a Tour de France map. That year (it was like 5-7 years ago), there was a way to actually follow the Tour live in Google Earth — the peloton and the stage leader and groups and all the colored jerseys were actually shown ON THE MAP …. MOVING in near-real-time. Do you have any idea where I might have seen/gotten this? I honestly have no idea. Perhaps it was via the Canadian television network so maybe Versus might get it now?

      • There is an iPhone app (iMapMyRide) where you can invite friends to see where you’re riding. Regarding your question: It means that you have to ask the TdF-riders to be their friend . And these riders have to use an iPhoine to transmit live-data.

      • While that does look like it does the same thing (though it does not provide an example of what it looks like in action, so I’m not positive), again, I’m talking about something that has had for an entire decade, every year up until this on, on their website (no “app”, since “apps” did not exist prior to the appearance of iPhones and, this year, Androids). And my ORIGINAL question was entirely in Google Earth. I’m starting to think it was something developed by the OLN (the Canadian network that aired the Tour live for several years last decade), using the data streamed from (previously

    • iPhones did not even exist yet when I was able to follow the riders on the Tour, and it was definitely a thing (it may have been only in French; I don’t remember). Not only could you see bicycles on the map, but it even included spearate icons for different things (group of bicycle for the main peloton; group of bicycles for breakaways, individual bicycles for individual breakaways, and if a group had the yellow jersey or polka dot jersey, etc., one of the bicyclists in the icon had a yellow or polka dot shirt, etc!). It also showed names and distance between riders and/or groups by time. I havent’ found it yet this year, but since the first year of (’98?), there has been, in addition to the blog-style radio patter announcements, an “app” (ActiveX web-based on Internet Explorer) where you could see, in a small pop-up window, a bar that showed the main peloton and any breakaways and the distance between them in time; and I think the Google Earth thing I saw (only one year) simply was plugging that info in (and I think all those times were just estimates based on Tour official motorbikes or whatever. GPS devices were still relatively large at that point in time, if used at all.

  3. Hmmm… It’s been years since I’ve even used Google Earth. I downloaded the KML for the first stage. When I click on it in my temporary folder, it takes me to France and I see the full map of the leg. I can get the play button up on the screen, but when I play on it nothing happens (though the play bar shows it is going through the map–I guess nothing is happening because I remain hundreds of miles up. I have tweaked option settings under “touring” to change the angle and the distance of the camera, but there is no difference. In the latest versions of Google Earth, how does one tour a route from near street-level? Thanks.

    • Oh, I shall forever be indebted to Paddy. Thank you for that awesome link! Okay, so it’s not Google Earth, and it doesn’t have bicycles, but in a way this is better. First, it’s got named individuals’ GPS trackers, with a separate list of names with times, along with their position on a map. Second, I love the side view of the elevations. In the previous Tours, when I would “watch” the official bar that featured the breakaways and pelotons, not only did it simply denote distance in time between them and the kilometer mark of the leader(s), so I would have to open a separate window with a map of the stage to see where they were, but I would ALSO open a third window with the elevation side view so I could get an idea of what terrain they were on.

      Now if only this site could carry the “depeches” (news flashes) from letour alongside it, that would be perfect. (Okay, perfect would be in Google Earth, but I’m counting my blessings for now).

      Thanks so much!

      • You should consider your happiness as paying off any outstanding indebtedness in full 🙂

        Glad to have helped and yes it is a really cool weblink. People I showed it to yesterday were very impressed.

  4. Paddy, great link and I say thanks like those before me.

    James, I too remember the original Google Earth tour maps from some years ago, I am still trying to find if they exist this year but no luck so far. Yes, it was before iphone and was a great way to look at the course.

  5. Thank you for your effort. I will use this for trips on my motorcycle.

    I hope this link will not be removed after the tour is over?

  6. Thanks for this, I’m considering trying to ride these routes on my Tacx VR Turbo trainer… when I’m fit enough! Unfortunately the links for Stages 7, 9, 11 appear to be broken, any chance they could be reinstated?

  7. Thank you for your passion. It is very helpful to me.
    I would like to download gpx file But some files are missing.
    Missing stages are 7,9 and 12 stage.
    So please correct a link.
    Many thanks.

  8. Many thanks. It is great helpful to me.
    I can ride the routes by tacx bushido trainer.
    But some stages download link is unavailable.
    The stages are 7, 9 and 12. Please correct the download link.
    Thank you again in advance.

  9. Superb. Asides from Navigation you are helping people train too. You can download these files and use them on a Tacx Cycle Trainer, so you can cycle along with the tour as such. Fantastic job. Will you be doing similar for 2012?

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