My Week in Training – Week 25

Date Miles Time Type Avg Speed (MPH) Links
Mon, 20th Jun 2011 1hr Turbo Garmin
Tue, 21st Jun 2011 52 2:50:16 Road 18.4 Strava – Garmin
Thu, 23rd Jun 2011 52 3:03:56 Road 17.1 Strava Garmin
Fri, 24th Jun 2011 25 1:28:57 Road 16.6 Strava Garmin
Sun, 26th Jun 2011 52 3:09:20 Road 16.6 Strava Garmin

Monday started off as a bit of a miserable day and didn’t really improve at all, with rain in the afternoon. At least the wind had stopped. I just did an hour on the turbo in the garage. Continue reading

Maximum Heart Rate – Part 2

In early January, I wrote a post about the different ways of calculating Maximum Heart Rate.

I said that you can either calculate your Maximum Heart Rate (MHR) by using one of the many different formulae or by actually taking a MHR test. Continue reading

My Week in Training – Week 5

Date Miles Time Type Avg Speed (MPH) Link
Mon, 31st Jan 2011 1:00:00 Turbo Level 2 Garmin
Thu, 3rd Feb 2011 52 3:08:09 Road 16.7 Garmin
Sat, 5th Feb 2011 24 1:32:50 Road 15.9 Garmin

After Sunday’s lengthy, cold and windy ride, I decided to spin my legs out in an easy Turbo session. Just as well as my legs felt much better for it afterwards. Continue reading

My Week in Training – Week 2

Date Miles Time Type Avg Speed (MPH) Link
Thu, 13th Jan 2011 1:00:00 Turbo Level 2 Garmin
Fri, 14th Jan 2011 1:00:00 Turbo Level 2 Garmin
Sat, 15th Jan 2011 26.63 1:37:28 Road 15.2 Garmin

Due to work commitments and the weather, I haven’t been able to do much until Thursday when I went to the London Bike Show. It was a bit disappointing as it wasn’t very well attended; not by visitors but by exhibitors. Compared to last year’s Earls Court show, it was probably only a third of the size. As compensation, the Bike Show tickets got you into the Outdoors show as well as the boat show. When I got back home I did an hour on the turbo at Level 2. Continue reading

Training Strategy

Back in 1993, I started Time Trialling as a member of the Charlotteville Cycling Club. Nothing too strenuous, just 10s and 25s with a single 50 miler once a year as part of an inter-club competition between the Charlotteville and 2 other cycling clubs. For training, I was just doing the miles, nothing scientific. Just riding my bike on the road as much as my home/work life would allow me.

After a while, my results in local Time Trials were no longer improving at the rate they had previously. I can’t actually remember any of my times as I have since thrown out all my training logs (Tip #1 – Never throw away your training logs). Continue reading