My progress so far – 18th June 2011

Firstly, here are the numbers:

  • 2 weeks to go to the start of the 2011 Tour de France.
  • 10 weeks to go to my Tour de France or Bust trip.
  • 2873 miles cycled so far this year.
  • All 21 stages mapped for GPS (available for download).
  • Accommodation booked and confirmed for the first 11 days of the trip.
  • £88.00 collected for Help for Heroes (My target is £1000) Continue reading

My Week in Training – Week 12

Date Miles Time Type Avg Speed (MPH) Links
Wed, 23rd Mar 2011 52 3:00:13 Road 17.4 StravaGarmin
Sun, 27th Mar 2011 52 3:02:43 Road 17.2 StravaGarmin

After a disastrous ride in the Burgess Hill Springtime Classic last Sunday, where I had to push my bike up Cobb Lane, I decided to get a wider cassette, which I fitted on Tuesday night, ready for Wednesday’s ride. Continue reading

My progress so far – 5th Mar 2011

I’m in my 9th week of training since my hernia operation. I’m much fitter than I was before, due to the fact that I’ve been doing much longer rides. I used to just do mainly 25 mile rides but adding loads of 52+ miles has really improved my base fitness and hill climbing. I’m still doing low-ish intensity training at the moment but I will throw in some higher intensity rides this month. Continue reading

First ride in eight weeks

I went out this afternoon for the first time in 8 weeks. The lay off the bike was due to the fact that I’ve had a hernia repair operation. I decided to do a straight out and back, 30 miles, on very flat roads thinking that if I should get some pain or discomfort, I could easily turn back, but it was fine. It was cold though. Just above freezing, but I was well wrapped up although I did start to feel the cold in the last 5 miles.

The purpose of this ride was not only to test my recovery from the operation but to try out my new training strategy as described in one of my previous posts. The recovery turned out to be fine but my training strategy went totally out of the window. I had intended to ride the 30 miles at Level 2 which I had worked out to be between 145 and 155 BPM. I tried to ride at a cadence of 80-90 RPM but no matter how hard I tried, or should I say how slowly I tried, I couldn’t get my HR below 175 BPM. In fact, my average HR for the ride turned out to be 173 BPM. To see the stats for this ride, click here. Continue reading

Maximum Heart Rate

Update (22nd February 2011) – This post has now been updated with Maximum Heart Rate – Part 2.

In order to train effectively for my 3,471 km ‘Tour de France or bust’ adventure in September, I’ve decided to use elements of the 5 level training programme as described in

I now need to work out my maximum heart rate, in order to work out each of the 5 levels of training intensity.

There are a number of formulae for working out your Maximum Heart Rate (MHR). The most basic formulae is MHR = 220 – Age. There are other more complicated formulae such as:

  • MHR = 208 – (0.7 × Age)
  • MHR = 206.3 – (0.711 × Age)
  • MHR = 217 – (0.85 × Age)
  • MHR = 206.9 – (0.67 × age)
  • MHR = 202 – (0.55 × age)

Continue reading