Hotels or Camping?

Do I really want to carry a tent and sleeping bag with me around France, erecting it after hours in the saddle and dismantling it every morning? I don’t think so. If the trip was a leisurely cycling holiday then maybe, but this will be a 21 day trek following a daily schedule.

For a start, I’d miss out on the all-you-can-eat hotel buffet breakfasts. Secondly, I should really give myself something to look forward to; a goal. Somewhere warm and dry to recover after 200+ kilometres of cycling. Somewhere to wash and dry my clothes, with electricity to recharge my phone and Garmin GPS. Somewhere with Wi-Fi (hopefully free) to update this blog.

The only camping related accessories I may take with me are a camping saucepan set and a single compact CampingGaz burner. These’ll be for those occasions when I can’t find the types of foods I want/need at any given time. I’ll have to have an emergency supply of tins with me for when those needs arise.

In France, there seems to be plenty of relatively cheap hotels such as the Premiere Classes, Kyriad, Etap and Formula 1 chains, situated mainly on the outskirts of most towns. They all have en-suites (apart from the Formula 1s) and are all clean, comfortable and cheap. They also offer those all-you-can-eat buffet breakfasts which will be indispensable in order to start the fuelling process for that day’s activity.