What happened next

It was all well and good, finding me a mobile home for the night but, I didn’t have any towels, as I was relying on hotels for all my overnight stays. And so, having ridden 232kms that day, I washed as best I could and walked into the small hamlet looking for food. Nothing was open. Luckily, I had packed a pack of Adventure Food and so, from a vacuum packed silver bag, I consumed a cold Chilli and rice and went to sleep.

All I wanted to do now, was to get home.

The next day, setting off at 7:30am, I cycled (Garmin) to the nearest railway station, Clisson, which was 37kms to the north. Of course, being Sunday, trains were few and far between, as I found when I got there. My intention was to get a train to Nantes and then, carry on to one of the Channel Ports. Because the next train was in about 4hrs, I cycled the remaining 30kms to Nantes. There, I took a train to Redon and then, another to Rennes. From there, I took the TGV to St Malo where I booked into a 3 star Best Western Hotel and had a great meal in a local restaurant. It was the first meal in ages where pasta wasn’t a priority. Moules Marinierres, Steak and Chips and Illes Flotantes were downed with red wine.

The next day, Bank Holiday Monday, after a 9 hour ferry crossing to Portsmouth, I took 4 trains to eventually arrive at Eastbourne just before 10pm. A 15 minute cycle ride later, I was home.

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