1 day to go

Today was a much better day than yesterday. I still had the headwind, all the way, but riding in dry conditions is so much better than in constant rain. Having said that, there were a few showers but within a short while, you were dry again.

These were turning fast

Talking of headwinds, these things were facing the same direction that I was travelling in and they were turning fast.

Today, I let the Garmin 800 dictate the route. I put in the address of the hotel in Challans and it took me there brilliantly; even crossing Nantes was a doddle. I take back what I said yesterday about taking me down obscure routes.

The other difference between today and yesterday was that today, I made sure that I stayed within Level 2 (HR) as opposed to yesterday’s Level 3/4. Coupled with yesterday’s pasta meal, I had plenty of energy. I’ve just come back from a walk into Challans looking for a suitable restaurant but couldn’t find one. The chef at the hotel restaurant has very kindly offered to cook me a pasta meal, even though it’s not on the menu. Full marks for the Marmotte Hotel, Challans.

So, today’s ride was 131kms from Chateaubriant to Challans (Garmin – Strava)

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