2 days to go

My ride today on Garmin Strava

Today didn’t really go that well. Hardly slept on the overnight ferry to Saint-Malo. The first 50kms of the ride was done in the rain. Although it cleared up for the next 60, the last 25 were also done in the rain. On top of that, the whole ride had a head wind. Not a good start.

In the previous days, I had mapped out the route I was going to take using ridewithgps.com. I hadn’t considered the fact that some roads might not be suitable, such as the D137 south of Saint-Malo. It’s a dual carriageway. Luckily, it had a good clear hard shoulder but the section further south didn’t, and in the rain, it wasn’t ideal so, I reverted to using the Garmin 800 as a convertional Sat Nav, by entering the destination address. This was much better as, having ticked the option to favour bicycle routes, although, when it came to going through towns, it did take me via some really strange routes.

I was very consious of the extra weight I was carrying. When I was planning this ride, I was intending to ride at an average of not less than 25kph, but today, the ride time average was just 23.2kph. The weather and the constant head wind really didn’t help.

Anyway, I made it to the hotel, after stopping at 101kms for lunch (Ham Baguette with large Smoothie). The hotel is an out of town hotel without a restaurant but I had seen on the internet that in the town, there was a small Pasta/Pizza caffee. By early evening, it had stopped raining and so, after cleaning and oiling my chain, I jumped on the bike (no panniers, nice!) and went to the caffee where I had a very nice, large helping of Pasta Bolognese. While I was in there, guess what; it started raining again. By the time I had ridden back to the hotel, I was soaked again.

The weather forecast doesn’t look too much better for tomorrow morning. They claim that it will pick up in the afternoon and remain nice for a good few days; we’ll see.

The only thing that brought a smile to my face is the fact that Strava have classed my ride as Epic in their Suffer Score. Yes, I totally agree!

2 thoughts on “2 days to go

  1. I hate to ride in the rain, knowing that tomorrow you have to to do it again
    But love the evenings after these trips, when it is dry, warm and you can relax and take a nap

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