My Week in Training – Week 32

Date Kms Time Type Avg Speed (KPH) Links
Tue, 9th Aug 2011 84 2:48:08 Road 29.7 Strava – Garmin
Thu, 11th Aug 2011 40 1:28:33 Road 26.6 Strava Garmin
Sat, 13th Aug 2011 84 2:46:45 Road 30.2 Strava Garmin

207kms this week. I must admit that this week has been a bit busy, hence just 3 rides, with just 10 days left for my Big Ride. I do feel that my fitness level is there or there abouts. There are a few things I am fine tuning on the bike such as making sur the riding position is exactly the same on the Trek (TDF ride bike) as is on the Fondriest (Regular lightweight training bike). I’m also servicing the Ultegra hubs on the Trek. I’ve already done the front wheel which has made an incredible improvement. It’s as though when you turn the wheel within the forks, the wheel jst turns and turns effortlessly and never seems to want to stop. Just the rear wheel to do now.

I’ve also got to work out exactly what I’m taking, as far as kit is concerned, from clothing on and off the bike, energy gels and powders, medical kit as well as tools and washing things for both me and my clothes etc etc etc. If anyone has any recommendations, please comment.

I’ve also bought a Contour HD Hands-free HD Video Camera, which can be mounted either on the bike helmet or the bike itself. I will be testing that in the next few days. Again, if anyone has one of these, any advice would be much appreciated.

MICHE Reflex Wheelset

MICHE Reflex Wheelset

Sunday, I had a slight mechanical setback. I had previously serviced the front hub on the Trek and decided to do the rear. In no time at all I could tell that the bearing surfaces were extremely corroded and no matter what I did, I just couldn’t get the bearing surfaces smooth. I did put it back together and turned the wheel in the frame. It sounded awful. With potentially 4000kms to go, I couldn’t chance it so a quick look on the internet brought me to the Evans Cycles website where I found their last remaining Miche Reflex Road Wheelset at their Gatwick Warehouse. An hour later, at the cost of £121, I was on my way home. They do appear to be a very strong light-ish wheelset, for the price, saving me a total of 200 grams over the old wheels.

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