My Week in Training – Week 27

Date Kms Time Type Avg Speed (KPH) Links
Mon, 4th Jul 2011 92 3:10:24 Road 29.1 Strava – Garmin
Tue, 5th Jul 2011 39 1:27:19 Road 27.0 Strava – Garmin
Thu, 7th Jul 2011 39 1:28:46 Road 26.8 Strava Garmin
Fri, 8th Jul 2011 39 1:17:43 Road 30.4 Strava Garmin
Sun, 10th Jul 2011 83 2:47:09 Road 30.1 Strava Garmin

The weather just keeps improving at the moment. Maybe, I shouldn’t talk too soon. With very slight SE winds, this morning, I decided to go out and do the Rye ride again. It was really nice to have a bike that doesn’t creak any more, after changing the pedals to an old set. Obviously, the bearing are on their way out.

I took it nice and easy on the way out and found quite a bit of strength on the return, helped by the slight side/tail wind.

My legs felt a bit heavy on Tuesday morning so a slow recovery around Beachy Head did the trick.

Wednesday, went to Lakeside in the afternoon and had a meal at Ikea where I made the mistake of ordering a 15 Meatballs with chips. They were gorgeous but no good as preparation for a cycle ride the next morning. I only did the Beach Head ride on Thursday morning but I really struggled. The weather wasn’t too good either. It was threatening to rain so I took the Trek but ended up missing the rain, thankfully.

That evening I had a large bowl of Spaghetti which seems to have put me back on the right track, as I had plenty of energy on Friday’s ride. Although the Easterly wind was quite strong, I actually did the fastest ride on the Beachy Head route I’ve ever done.

No riding on Saturday but Sunday, I did the Lewes ride which, starting at Sovereign Harbour goes up to Hailsham, Lewes, Newhaven, up the climb of Exceat and Beachy Head before finishing along the seafront back to Sovereign Harbour after 83 Kms. I took it quite easy but ended up doing a very fast ride. Because I’ve changed so many things on the bike, such as the Wheels, the bike position as well as the Bottom Bracket and Chainset, I can’t quite work out whether the increases in speed are due to any of those or my increased fitness. Long may this increase in speed continue.

2 thoughts on “My Week in Training – Week 27

  1. Yesterday we watched the etape Issoire-St-Flour “en direct” ! Are you sure you know what a hard challenge you are setting up for yourself ?

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