My Week in Training – Week 24

Date Miles Time Type Avg Speed (MPH) Links
Mon, 13th Jun 2011 25 1:32:54 Road 15.8 Strava – Garmin
Tue, 14th Jun 2011 57 3:21:11 Road 17.0 Strava – Garmin
Wed, 15th Jun 2011 25 1:21:35 Road 18.0 Strava Garmin
Sun, 19th Jun 2011 25 1:22:29 Road 17.8 Strava Garmin

Monday brought quite strong winds again, from the SW. For a change of scenery, and because of those winds, I decided to do the Beachy Head route in a clockwise direction, getting rid of the headwind early. After just a few miles, I realised that I really didn’t have that much energy. Thinking back, it’s was all down to the lack of carbs from the meals of the 2 previous days.

Tuesday, the weather was much better, the winds having died down quite considerably. After making sure I had a good carb meal the previous night, I went out to Bewl Water which turned out to be quite a  nice ride.

Wednesday, again with those SW winds, I did the usual Beachy Head ride. With tail winds along the sea front, on the return, I ended up pushing some really good speeds. This was also the case for Sunday, with equally strong winds, although I did get my 2nd fastest time up Beachy Head. I suppose that’s the problem with living on the coast, although this year does seem to be especially prominent.

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