My progress so far – 18th June 2011

Firstly, here are the numbers:

  • 2 weeks to go to the start of the 2011 Tour de France.
  • 10 weeks to go to my Tour de France or Bust trip.
  • 2873 miles cycled so far this year.
  • All 21 stages mapped for GPS (available for download).
  • Accommodation booked and confirmed for the first 11 days of the trip.
  • £88.00 collected for Help for Heroes (My target is £1000)

Training – My training is coming along quite well. Before I started training for this project, I only used to ride 25 mile rides per day but now, I’m quite happy (depending on the weather) and capable of riding 50+ miles on consecutive days. Also, the fact that I’m riding these distances at 85% of Maximum Heart Rate means that during the trip, with stops and a lower riding intensity, I should be able to cycle the daily mileage required to complete the trip.

I’ve also, recently, cycled a couple of 100+ mile rides. The first was a very hilly, 107 mile sportive in Eastbourne ridden under quite difficult conditions; a very strong SW wind. The second was a more relaxed group ride of 110 miles.

I’ve recently stopped work, until the end of the trip, so weekly mileages should increase.

Preparations – So far, I’ve confirmed accommodation for the first 11 days of the trip. I’ve also confirmed the accommodation for the 2 days prior to the start, as I intend to cycle there from St Malo. The rest shouldn’t be too difficult as those dates are outside the school holiday period.

I’ve also mapped out all the stages, since the Tour officially announced the detailed routes a few weeks ago. My estimations, prior to that, turned out to be about 97% accurate, which I was quite pleased about. The revised maps and files (.gpx .tcx & .kml) are available for download, should anyone want to ride them, from the routes page on this blog.

Equipment – The only thing I have to do to the bike is replace the bottom bracket, as the current one is on its way out, and change the current chainset to a compact chainset. At the moment, I have a 53/39 but a compact will give me far more flexibility in the climbs. I also intend to replace the chain and get a wider cassette.

I’ve also bought a Garmin Edge 800 to replace my Edge 305, which had a broken screen. The 800 includes the European maps so will make it really easy to get to hotels and stage starts just by entering their addresses.

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