My Week in Training – Week 13

Date Miles Time Type Avg Speed (MPH) Links
Fri, 1st Apr 2011 32 2:08:39 Road 15.3 StravaGarmin
Sat, 2nd Apr 2011 20 1:09:34 Road 18 Garmin
Sun, 3rd Apr 2011 85 4:55:07 Road 17.4 Strava Garmin

Working 10hrs a day with a 2hr commute each way doesn’t leave much time for training. My day off this week was friday, which coincided nicely with the start of the #30daysofbiking.

This is an initiative¬†whereby you pledge to ride your bike every day throughout the month of April (not that I need much of an incentive to ride my bike). It’s a way of making people use their bikes instead of using their cars, for anything from going to the local shops to collecting the kids from school or just going out on your bike for the hell of it. You get the idea! You then spread the word further by telling people about your ride on Twitter, Facebook and/or other social media.

The first local group ride had been organised for Friday evening. Click here to read about it.

Saturday, I went out for a 20 mile easy ride to Hailsham and back, in preparation for Sunday’s 91 mile Evans Cycles Ride It! Sportive in Woking. I kept my HR to within level 2 for most of the ride and ended up with a reasonable time.

Up early on Sunday in order to get to Woking for the Evans Cycles Ride It! Sportive. Registration didn’t take too long, compared to the last Ride It! event I took part in. It was advertised as a 91 mile event but ended up being just over 85 miles. In the last 2 sportives, I made the mistake off setting off too fast and paid for it in the last 20 miles. I made sure on this occasion that I would keep to level 3 (of 5) on my HR. This paid dividends as towards the end, I was able to increase my pace due to unused reserves of energy. My official time was 5:11:32 which was an average of 16.5mph but this was the total time including all feed stops. My Garmin says that my moving time was 4:55:07 giving me an average speed of 17.4mph.

I really enjoyed this event, not only being pleased with my ride but also, having lived in both Woking and Alton in the past, I was riding on familiar roads which I hadn’t ridden for years. There were 3, nicely distanced, feed stops along the way with plenty of food and energy drink on offer. At the third stop, it was nice to see the Start Line organiser from Evans (Sorry,, don’t know his name) out on his bike.

The weather forecast didn’t look too good for today, with threats of rain by lunchtime. Thankfully, we didn’t get any although it was starting to cloud over towards the end. At the finish, Evans had set up a BBQ with burgers on the go, which was very much appreciated.

The route didn’t have any killer hills as such. The worst one was just after the first feed, getting over the Hogg’s Back. There were extremes of road conditions, from really nice fast roads to pot-holed country lanes.

All in all, this was a very well organised.

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