#30daysofbikingMy day off work this week was friday, which coincided nicely with the start of the #30daysofbiking.

This is an initiative whereby you pledge to ride your bike every day throughout the month of April (not that I need much of an incentive to ride my bike). It’s a way of encouraging people to ride their bikes instead of using their cars, for anything from going to the local shops to collecting the kids from school or just going out on your bike for the hell of it. You get the idea! You then spread the word further by telling people about your ride on Twitter, Facebook and/or other social media.

The first local group ride had been organised for Friday evening, leaving from The Tri Store in Eastbourne at 6pm. As I hadn’t ridden all week, I decided to take in a lap of Beachy Head first before meeting the group.

Matt, Myself & Toby on Beachy Head

Matt, Myself & Toby on Beachy Head


Mark Tearle

Organiser, videographer and prolific Twitterer - Mark (@_BLIXA_)

It turned out there were only 4 of us (Mark, Toby, Matt & myself) so off we went, up the Holywell zig-zag and around Beachy Head in a Clockwise direction, making our way to the Tiger Inn in East Dean. Drinks downed and off we went again, up East Dean Road and into Eastbourne via Old Town (Almost reaching 50mph on the descent). Quick trip round the town and unto the pier and that was it.

A great ride was had by all!

Ride info can be found either at Garmin Connect or Strava.

Video footage courtesy of Mark Tearle:

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