My Week in Training – Week 12

Date Miles Time Type Avg Speed (MPH) Links
Wed, 23rd Mar 2011 52 3:00:13 Road 17.4 StravaGarmin
Sun, 27th Mar 2011 52 3:02:43 Road 17.2 StravaGarmin

After a disastrous ride in the Burgess Hill Springtime Classic last Sunday, where I had to push my bike up Cobb Lane, I decided to get a wider cassette, which I fitted on Tuesday night, ready for Wednesday’s ride.

Wednesday’s weather was being billed as the hottest day of the year. When it came, it didn’t disappoint. With temperatures in double figures, it was a great feeling to ride your bike in just shorts and arm warmers. Something I haven’t done in quite a while; a real boost after Sunday’s event.

Changing the rear cassette to a wider 12-27 made a huge difference for this ride. Analysing this ride in detail with others done in similar conditions showed that the higher gearing actually increased the speed up the hills due to less effort being needed. I also made sure that I didn’t start off too quickly. All of this meant that I had plenty of energy left by the end of the ride. All in all, a brilliant ride.

No riding on Saturday due to family commitments but Sunday, I set off for 52 miles in the wet. Once inland, after 5 miles, the sun was out. I had intended to treat this as an easy ride but found that my HR was quite high from the start. I wasn’t able to reduce it so, after a few miles, still feeling quite good, I decided to carry on at the higher intensity. After the cobble sections, in Lewes, I had a bit of a technical problem with the front Mavic Cosmic Pro wheel.  Riding along on quite nice tarmac, I heard a sudden PING sound from the front wheel. My first though was that I had broken a spoke as the wheel had become out of true by about 4mms. As it happens, all the spokes were tight and couldn’t find an reason for the problem. I carried on carefully though. Back in Newhaven, the clouds came over again, with a couple of drops of rain and over Beachy Head, the Easterly wind was quite a problem.

So, 104 miles this week in just 2 rides. Very pleased with both.

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