My progress so far – 5th Mar 2011

I’m in my 9th week of training since my hernia operation. I’m much fitter than I was before, due to the fact that I’ve been doing much longer rides. I used to just do mainly 25 mile rides but adding loads of 52+ miles has really improved my base fitness and hill climbing. I’m still doing low-ish intensity training at the moment but I will throw in some higher intensity rides this month.

I’m certainly looking forward to the weather improving. Recently, we’ve had 2 separate weeks where the temperatures have been just over freezing with Strong North Easterly winds. We’ve also had a fair amount of rain.

This week, I bought a handlebar bag, which completes the pannier set. All I have to sort out is a compact chainset and new bottom bracket. The one currently on my bike is the old, pre-splined type which is quite obviously on it’s way out. I’ll be replacing it with a Shimano Hollowtech Compact chainset and bearings at some stage in the near future. I’m certainly very please with the new Continental GP4000s tyres. They’ve faired very well, with no cuts of punctures.

My estimates of the stage routes have proved to be very accurate. As information has been leaked out of French Town Halls, I’ve checked them against my original estimates which have been quite accurate. Those that haven’t, I’ve re-published. The official routes will apparently be published in June.

I’ve started booking hotels and added an Itinerary page to the blog. The problem I’ve found is that because I’m starting in August, those first few days are still within the holiday period and as such, I’ve had problems finding available hotels near where I’d ideally like them to be. I’ve also changed my mind about the route from home to Stage 1. Originally, I was going to get the ferry from Newhaven to Dieppe and get a hire car from Dieppe to Stage 1 but now, I’ve decided to get the overnight ferry from Portsmouth to St Malo and ride to Stage 1 in 2 days.


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