My Week in Training – Week 5

Date Miles Time Type Avg Speed (MPH) Link
Mon, 31st Jan 2011 1:00:00 Turbo Level 2 Garmin
Thu, 3rd Feb 2011 52 3:08:09 Road 16.7 Garmin
Sat, 5th Feb 2011 24 1:32:50 Road 15.9 Garmin

After Sunday’s lengthy, cold and windy ride, I decided to spin my legs out in an easy Turbo session. Just as well as my legs felt much better for it afterwards.

On Wednesday, the weather changed. Temperatures increased by about 6°C and the wind changed direction from NE to the more usual SW.

My day off this week was Thursday so, I took advantage of this balmy weather and went for the same 52 mile ride as I had done twice last week. It just goes to show how the weather can affect a ride. You would have thought that being a loop, whether it’s the first half or the last half that gets the head wind wouldn’t have made that much difference, but it did. Last week’s rides were done in times of 3:36:14 and 3:16:54. Both these were done at just above freezing temperatures with NE winds. Today, at about 7°C and with SE winds, I did it in 3:08:09. I could say that I’m getting fitter, which obviously I am, but you can’t attribute those improvements in time to an increase in fitness levels alone; not in one week anyway. So, all in all, I was quite pleased with today’s ride even though I did struggle in the last 7 miles, which I put down to the lack of appropriate food the previous day.

Saturday was very windy. 15mph SW winds gusting to 30mph made this ride really fast from Birling Gap and along Eastbourne seafront. This was my first ride with the new Continental GP4000s tyres. It wasn’t a very conclusive assessment of the tyres though as I also changed the wheels from the worn out original Bontrager wheels to a set of handmade wheels (Ultegra Hubs with Mavic CXP30 rims). These wheels are the wheels I intend to take for my TDF or Bust trip. They were handmade by Parker International in 2002 and are still as true as they day they were made. This new combination has totally transformed the Trek. I was really please with the ride. The bike feels so much more responsive.


2 thoughts on “My Week in Training – Week 5

  1. I suppose that the wind issue is exacerbated by the fact that we live by the sea. I must admit, out of all the elements a cyclist faces, headwinds are the worse as far as I’m concerned. Give me rain, hills etc. any day. In the end, it’s all good training.

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