My Week in Training – Week 4

Date Miles Time Type Avg Speed (MPH) Link
Thu, 27th Jan 2011 52 3:36:14 Road 14.5 Garmin
Sun, 30th Jan 2011 52 3:16:54 Road 15.9 Garmin

Thursday was the first opportunity for a ride, this week. I had a day off work so decided to do a long one. It was a very cold morning; Only about 2°C. I took it nice and easy and tried to stay within zone 3, which I managed most of the time, on the flat. Apart from the cold, there was a chilling North Easterly wind which made the return from Birling Gap very difficult and slow, due to the exposed nature of Beachy Head and Eastbourne Seafront. Although the last time I did this ride back on the 11th August 2010, I did it in 2:45:00 (50 mins quicker than today), I am still happy with today’s ride.

Sunday, the weather was no different to Thursday’s so decided to do the same ride. The only difference is that I took the Fondriest instead of the Trek, which is obviously much lighter with aero wheels. I did today’s ride 20 minutes quicker. Whether this can be totally attributed to the different bike is doubtful. I’d like to think that it’s a combination of the bike and my increased fitness. One thing’s for sure, it was bloody cold!

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